Producing high quality, innovative and durable solutions is the goal we set ourselves whenever we decide to turn an idea into a product. That's why we chose the simplest way, i.e. to design and produce products internally, marketed under the MV Group brand.

Buying any one of our products, whether it a container, filter cartridge, magnetic anti-limescale system, filtration and treatment system, UV steriliser, central heating system or a ball-cock, guarantees the use of a solution that is designed by our staff, perfected in the smallest details.

We pay close attention to every phase, from design to product testing, with a cyclical process that starts with the design phase, passing on to the prototype phase, the mould phase, the production phase and then the final tests. If even one little detail of these phases does not meet our requirements, we go back to the start, redesigning even more stages of production, until the finished product gives us maximum satisfaction.

We pay close attention to carefully craft even the most complex and in series productions, with the ultimate goal set as the best possible quality. For all the design phases, we collaborate with the largest companies in the industry and external companies, in order to always give the best for each product.

The Design
step 1

The first step in the MV Group production cycle is born from our idea of ​​filling a gap in the market, to offer a different solution to what we have already seen or a response to the specific needs of a client. Only really innovative ideas become projects, articulated in every detail before going to the next stages of production.

step 2

After the design step, we create the first prototype of the product, to highlight all its strengths and weaknesses. If the prototype does not satisfy us, we return to the first phase, followed by a new prototype.

The Mould
step 3

After the prototyping phase, we proceed to mould making, which must fully comply with all the project-specific features. If even the smallest detail of the mould does not convince us, we start again and go back to the design or prototype phases.

step 4

After the mould step, we pass on to the production of the MV Group product, made according to numeric variables which depend on our project or the customers' requests in regards to collaboration projects.

step 5

Every production batch is subjected to a thorough testing step, to ensure the highest quality and durability for every MV Group product